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  • Dr. Sheila Hernandez

    Education and Post Graduate Training

    • B.S. - University of Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • D.M.D. - University of Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Pediatric Dentistry - University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Academic Appointments

    • Metropolitan Hospital - University of Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Case Western Reserve University, Dental School Cleveland, Ohio - Associate Professor for Undergraduate Pediatric Dentistry Program
    • MetroHealth Hospital Cleveland, Ohio - Program Coordinator, Pediatric Dentistry Residency
      • Co-organize residency program
      • Participate in obtaining full approval
      • Participated in the process of Grant Proposals
      • Produced Goals and Objectives for the program
      • Participate in the all of the Dental Department Committees (Education, Quality Assurance, Scheduling, etc.)
      • Participate in the Curriculum re-evaluation and improvement
      • Didactic instruction to the residents
      • Evaluation of residents in the didactic program
      • Evaluate residents in the clinical environment
      • Evaluate residents in OR and IV sedation as needed
      • Provide dental treatment to patients in the MetroHealth Hospital, Dental Clinic and the Dental Clinic at the Clement Center.
    • San Juan Municipal Hospital San Juan, Puerto Rico - Director, Dental Department
      • Played key role in the strategic design and development of this department, coordinating and evaluating patient care programs and operational systems for in-patient and ambulatory clinics.
      • Established and maintained effective staffing patterns, recruitment, retention, and staff development and labor relations programs.
      • Defined and established five divisions: Prosthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Interceptive Orthodontics.
      • Established combined residency programs with the School of Dentistry and the San Juan City Hospital and was a liaison for the two entities so as to be successful in the completion of the relationship of both parties.
      • Coordinated, directed and evaluated student progress in residency programs to include Oral and Maxillofacial, General Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. Developed and presented dental care seminars to students of pediatric specialty; and presented lectures to dentistry students.
      • Developed a Course for the Pediatric Residence Program in the San Juan City Hospital, the Pediatric Residents acknowledged the importance of the oral and Maxillofacial development, health care and treatment.
      • Was the lecturer in charge of the seminars for the Pediatric Medicine Residents.
      • Provided invited guests for the lectures having Dr. Jorge Reyes, Chief Surgeon and Chairperson of the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital as one of many distinguished lecturers.
      • Was the liaison between the Children’s Hospital at Pittsburgh and the San Juan City Hospital to have Dr. Jorge Reyes, Chief Surgeon and Chairperson of the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital do clinics for the GI Pediatric Division of the Pediatric Department.
      • Answer consults for all the Pediatric Department Divisions with the admitted and outpatients.
      • Provided dental treatment for the admitted and the outpatients of the hospital. Our interest made all the Pediatric Divisions have our services being part of the protocols for treatment of their patients. As an example, the transplant patients with the pre and post evaluations and posterior treatment. In the HIV and AIDS protocols we were instrumental for their patients’ follow up and treatment. We were instrumental, once again, for their dental evaluations and treatment.
      • Established and provided follow up for the dental services provided for the satellite clinics that are a part of the San Juan Health System. There is a liaison between the satellite clinics and the hospital-based dental clinics.
      • Established educational clinics for the community, addressing preventive care and treatment modes.
      • Member of Clinical Committees.
      • Invited lecturer for the Undergraduate and Graduate Program of Pediatric Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dentistry.
    • Pediatric Dentist
      • Provided quality in-patient and ambulatory dental care and treatment to handicapped children.
      • Provided quality in-patient and outpatient dental care for the systemically involved patients at San Juan City Hospital.
      • Utilized general anesthesia and performed interceptive orthodontic treatment.
      • Served as a consult for the Pediatric Department and organized clinics for the community.
      • Served as a liaison between ambulatory clinics and the hospital.
      • Performed pediatric rounds.
      • Faculty of the Dental Clinics of the Satellite System of the San Juan Health Department and provided treatment in those facilities.
    • Sacred Heart University San Juan, Puerto Rico - Instructor
      • Instructor, Laboratory in Human Pathology
    • Arecibo Regional Hospital Arecibo, Puerto Rico - Pediatic Dentist
      • Provided dental care to pediatric and handicapped patients.
    • University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico - Instructor
      • Instructor, Laboratory of Physiology

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